Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Wendy Kopp-- Presidential Citizens Medal

In 1988, Wendy Kopp then a senior at Princeton U, caught a wild hair idea that students her age wanted real work an not just a ticket to ride the hot shot express to fame and fortune but a job that would make a serious contribution in the neighborhoods nobody wanted to work in. One school administrator was so shocked that a Princeton graduate would want a job in his school district that he promised to hire all the proposed 500 candidates. Wendy Kopp ran with that wild pass to found Teach for America and a program that recruits college graduates to teach for two years in schools in low-income communities throughout the USA.

Sunday, December 07, 2008

Not a good sign

THIS IS PROBABLY A GOOD SIGN: “It’s no fiction: Scientific fact has usurped science fiction as TV’s favorite inspiration for prime-time story lines. And to keep everything on the up and up, show writers and producers are hiring scores of researchers and technical consultants to get the science straight.”

Nope. This kind of crap, and I mean that in all sincerity, has been going on for quite a while with no appreciable difference to the strength of the story line.
Crap. Now instead of chasing the red herring or the McGuffey you have to sit still for the.... SCIENCE LECTURE! big deal just sit still and shut up and maybe, gods forbid, learn something already. House does a lot of this krapque so does CSI and others too numerous to mention are guilty as well. Big deal. So a weak story line is buttress by true SCIENCE lectures. Please. It was more fun when Scotty was screaming for the fluxcapacitor phasers reversal transducers.