Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Backlash against the Muslim backlash--give them HELL!

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Danes aren't taking Crap!

The backlash against the Muslim backlash

Muslims who consider the recent apology issued by Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten for publishing allegedly offensive drawings of Mohammed would do well to consider the following:

Poll: Denmark Should Not Apologize for Cartoons:

A majority of Danes feel their government and media should not apologize to Muslims for controversial cartoons published in the daily Jyllands-Posten last September and reprinted in a Norwegian magazine this month. In a poll for Danish Radio Saturday, 79% said Prime Minister Rasmussen should not apologize on Denmark's behalf.

That 'whooshing' sound you hear is your own boomerang coming back to smack you in the head.

Buy Danish--defend the free world against world domination by the kingdoms of islam

Give them Hell! Buy Danish.

Support Denmark

"On the 30th of September 2005 the Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten published 12 cartoons depicting the prophet Mohammed. Mohammedans raised a storm of protest and two artists went into hiding after receiving death threats. Islamic organisations demanded an apology from the Danish government and the incident turned into a world-wide diplomatic issue. The OIC (the Organisation of the Islamic Conference), the Council of Europe and the UN all criticised the government of Denmark for not taking measures against the newspaper Jyllands-Posten. The Danish prime minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen defended the freedom of the press and free speech and stated that any measures, if appropriate, could not be taken by the government but only by a court of law. Meanwhile in Islamic countries Danish flags are burned and Danish products are taken off the shelves. Several countries have withdrawn their ambassadors from Denmark and armed men attacked the office of the EU in the Gaza strip.

Denmark needs our support. Show that you care and put one of these banners on your website."

Help Denmark to defend our freedom I support Denmark in its struggle for the freedom of speech Defend the free world

Support Denmark

CAIR to Bush--Don't Say 'Islamo-fascism' in State of the Union Speech

Don't say 'Islamo-fascism,' 'militant jihadism,' 'Islamic radicalism,' or 'totalitarian Islamic empire'" in his State of the Union speech tonight is the advice to Dubya from the Council on American-Islamic Relations CAIR , an Muslim civil rights group. CAIR Board Chairman Parvez Ahmed says President Bush should avoid "imprecise terminology" by using hot buttons to describe the evil ideology, (The body of ideas reflecting the social needs and aspirations of an individual, group, class, or culture) by islamo\fascism-militant jihadism-islamic-radicalism-totalitarian islamic empire-soulless-thug-pretator-terrorists who "call for terrorist murder against Christians and Jews and Hindus" Dubya and "who won't rest until everyone in the West is a slave, a Mulism or dead"

'Don't Offend Muslims, Mr. President' -- 01/31/2006

Monday, January 30, 2006

BUY DANISH ---History News Network

As Jack Burton always says at a time like this....Buy Danish!

History News Network:

"Danish Havarti cheese

Carlsberg and Tuborg Beers.

Arla owns White Clover Dairy, a Wisconsin company so buy that brand. It comes under White Clover and Holland Farm.

Danish Crown hams ( DAK (sold at Sam clubs)... baby back ribs, because they come from Denmark.

You shop online at The Danish Foodshop and Danish Deli Foods.

You can also buy gorgious Danish porcelain and LEGO for the kids.

Gevalia coffee"

BUY DANISH--the kingdoms of islam declare boycott against Denmark's products---BUY DANISH!!

The American Thinker
BAHRAIN’S parliament will meet in an extraordinary session today as outrage grows over offensive caricatures depicting Prophet Mohammed, published in Denmark and Norway. MPs have urged a nationwide boycott of Danish and Norwegian products, until the countries apologise.”

The Jyllandse Posten now has a 24 hour police guard on its building. Needless to say, the Danes (and later the Norwegians) have apologized for offending Muslims. But apologies won’t be enough—- those countries have to guarantee it will never happen again.

”... the harm has been done and our religion has been insulted. What guarantees do we have that this won’t happen again? An apology from the editor-in-chief isn’t enough, we want it from the demonic person who drew them.”

Get this – the fundamentalist Muslim world is determined to extend religious censorship over foreign countries. And it won’t stop there.

If the boycott works against little Denmark, it will be used again and again. Arabic countries have plenty of oil money for buying and boycotting products. China just got Google to censor its internet users – why wouldn’t the Muslim world do the same thing? They are bound to try.

It’s worth remembering that Islamic fundamentalists have been publishing an endless stream of Nazi-style hate cartoons against Israel and the United States. But that’s OK. Killing people is good, if they are infidels and condemned by Allah. Drawing satirical cartoons of Mohammed will get you a death warrant.

So for those who believe in free speech, you might consider joining the counter-boycott: Buy Danish!

And tell the world if you love Havarti cheese, Lego toys, Georg Jensen designs, Tuborg and Carlsberg beer, Danish ham, and free cartooning.

Remember that Denmark was the only Nazi-occuppied European country that came out of World War Two with its moral reputation intact. The Danes just didn’t put up with Jews being sent to concentration camps. They smuggled them out to neutral Sweden.

Maybe Denmark will have the honor of being the first European country to stand against today's fascism.

The American Thinker

New book on Fallujah and the role of the One/Eight

Gary Livingston, owner/publisher of Cassion Press, has written
Fallujah, with Honor; First Battalion, Eighth Marine's Role in Operation Phantom Fury
detailed account of 1/8' role in the assault on Fallujah in November 2004 based on interviews with 67 Marines who fought in Fallujah and one Marine's wife. Livingston said the interviews were conducted last summer aboard the base.

"(1/8 was) the only battalion from Camp Lejeune who attacked in Fallujah," he said. "They took the most casualties and met the most enemies.

"What I wanted to do, since I'm at Lejeune, is concentrate on the Marines from Lejeune. It gave me the opportunity to concentrate on this one battalion."

Caisson Press is to publish at least one Marine Corps book each year. Livingston encourages Marines who kept diaries in Iraq to contact him if they want to turn their story into a book. Livingston did that with retired Gunny Sgt. Jason Doran, whose book "I Am My Brother's Keeper: Journal of a Gunny in Iraq" was published last year. Last year, Livingston published a book about the 2003 battle of An Nasiriyah:
An Nasiriyah: The Fight for the Bridges (Hardcover)
by Gary Livingston

Sunday, January 29, 2006

BLACKFIVEFree your mind, and your ass will follow

BLACKFIVE: "My cluelessness regarding the cluelessness of the terrorist sympathizers who support the Palestinians aside, all the sugar-coating in the world doesn't change the fact that they just elected a terrorist group to run their little death camp. The question is what do we do now?

Free your mind, and your ass will follow (more or less) - En Vogue also Jr. in 'Platoon'"

Desperately Seeking to Understand the Thug Wars:Bookworm Room

DQ continues the quest to comprehend the Left fixation w/ death

i.e. killing unborn babies is OK-
killing mass murderers in NOT OK

Bookworm Room: "As a result, we have one side of the controversy (the extremists) who have declared a religious war and conducted some extraordinary attacks in pursuit of that war, and another side (the American Left) that simply refuses to believe that the war exists. Rodney King ('Can't we all just get along') is the Left's poster boy. Well, no, we can't all just get along. If someone says he's determined to wipe us off the face of the earth, and if that someone views this life as merely a transition to another life, we ought to take that someone seriously. The sooner the American Left takes the Islamic extremists seriously, the better."

YouTube - It's In The Koran

YouTube - It's In The Koran

A lovely thug ditty to tap-toe your way thru the the Thug Wars

The will to exist - a blog about life Essay Contest - Why Am I Here?

The Will to Exist is sponsoring an essay contest open to soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines serving with Multi-National Force Iraq (anywhere in the country of Iraq). If you left MNF-I within the last year, or have orders to MNF-I, or are currently serving here, you’re eligible to enter the contest.

In 500-1000 words, explain why you are in Iraq. Winner gets $250 cash and a byline.

the will to exist - a blog about life Essay Contest - Why Am I Here?

Saturday, January 28, 2006

Miez and Adams Lima three one-Barwana

Lance Cpl. Miez, a radio operator, and Cpl. Brad Adams, w/ Lima 3/1/ 3 , cover each others back on a security halt during a patrol down a river in Barwana, Iraq, for weapons caches Jan. 15, 2006. (USMC photo -Cpl. Michael R. McMaugh)

Thursday, January 26, 2006

LAR corpsman Jason C. Deguzman receives Bronze Star

When a crowded Iraqi civilian bus collided into the rear of a light armored vehicle, Corpsman Deguzman, from Santa Rosa, Calif w/ Company C, 2nd Light Armored Reconnaissance Battalion,
took over care for more than thirty wounded personnel, ten with life threatening injuries. Because of his actions and quick thinking, all Marine and Iraqi casualties were treated and transported to for additional treatment. Three days later, Deguzman was hit w/another
another life threatening incident when his vehicle was attacked with an IED wounding him and five of the seven Marines in his vehicle.
Deguzman worked himself out of the damaged vehicle. Ignoring his own injuries and the threat of a secondary attack,rendered life saving treatment to his scout team leader.

Deguzman’s actions earned him the Bronze Star Medal, presented by Brig. Gen. Joseph J. McMenamin, the assistant division commander, during a ceremony at MCB Camp Lejune Jan. 20.

Marine Corps News> LAR corpsman receives Bronze Star for multiple incidents

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

HOW TO MAKE LIBERAL SLOP/SOUP:Warriors and wusses -I DON'T SUPPORT our troops. Joel Stein LA Times

Joel Stein, resident attention seeker/writer/liberal for the LATIMES, has hit on an excellent vehicle to ride to the big lights: Be brave. Be Bold. Be willing to declare:"I DON'T SUPPORT our troops." There now. Yo, dude! That weren't so bad now was it, mate. Ay! Shrapnel and bullets just bounce off you, don't it! Puff! No worries about the IEDs! Equal opportunity insulter/writers must type away!

I DON'T SUPPORT our troops. This is a particularly difficult opinion to have, especially if you are the kind of person who likes to put bumper stickers on his car. Supporting the troops is a position that even Calvin is unwilling to urinate on.

THEN ADD A BIT OF a patronizingly superior attitude( OFFER TO BUY THEM A BEER):

I'm sure I'd like the troops. They seem gutsy, young and up for anything. If you're wandering into a recruiter's office and signing up for eight years of unknown danger, I want to hang with you in Vegas.


And I've got no problem with other people — the ones who were for the Iraq war — supporting the troops. If you think invading Iraq was a good idea, then by all means, support away. Load up on those patriotic magnets and bracelets and other trinkets the Chinese are making money off of.


But I'm not for the war. And being against the war and saying you support the troops is one of the wussiest positions the pacifists have ever taken — and they're wussy by definition. It's as if the one lesson they took away from Vietnam wasn't to avoid foreign conflicts with no pressing national interest but to remember to throw a parade afterward.


Blindly lending support to our soldiers, I fear, will keep them overseas longer by giving soft acquiescence to the hawks who sent them there — and who might one day want to send them somewhere else. Trust me, a guy who thought 50.7% was a mandate isn't going to pick up on the subtleties of a parade for just service in an unjust war. He's going to be looking for funnel cake.

Besides, those little yellow ribbons aren't really for the troops. They need body armor, shorter stays and a USO show by the cast of "Laguna Beach."

The real purpose of those ribbons is to ease some of the guilt we feel for voting to send them to war and then making absolutely no sacrifices other than enduring two Wolf Blitzer shows a day. Though there should be a ribbon for that.

I understand the guilt. We know we're sending recruits to do our dirty work, and we want to seem grateful.

After we've decided that we made a mistake, we don't want to blame the soldiers who were ordered to fight. Or even our representatives, who were deceived by false intelligence. And certainly not ourselves, who failed to object to a war we barely understood.

But blaming the president is a little too easy. The truth is that people who pull triggers are ultimately responsible, whether they're following orders or not. An army of people making individual moral choices may be inefficient, but an army of people ignoring their morality is horrifying. An army of people ignoring their morality, by the way, is also Jack Abramoff's pet name for the House of Representatives.


I do sympathize with people who joined up to protect our country, especially after 9/11, and were tricked into fighting in Iraq. I get mad when I'm tricked into clicking on a pop-up ad, so I can only imagine how they feel.

But when you volunteer for the U.S. military, you pretty much know you're not going to be fending off invasions from Mexico and Canada. So you're willingly signing up to be a fighting tool of American imperialism, for better or worse. Sometimes you get lucky and get to fight ethnic genocide in Kosovo, but other times it's Vietnam.

And sometimes, for reasons I don't understand, you get to just hang out in Germany.

I know this is all easy to say for a guy who grew up with money, did well in school and hasn't so much as served on jury duty for his country. But it's really not that easy to say because anyone remotely affiliated with the military could easily beat me up, and I'm listed in the phone book.


I'm not advocating that we spit on returning veterans like they did after the Vietnam War, but we shouldn't be celebrating people for doing something we don't think was a good idea. All I'm asking is that we give our returning soldiers what they need: hospitals, pensions, mental health and a safe, immediate return. But, please, no parades.

Seriously, the traffic is insufferable.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Golden Globe Award to Paradise Now and a Letter from a father: via The Counterterrorism Blog

"A letter from Yossi Zur, who lost his son in a senseless and depraved suicide bombing in Haifa. Yossi may be reached at Yossi@blondi.co.il."

"Last night the Palestinian movie "Paradise Now" won the Golden Globe award. The movie shows the route that two young Palestinians take to become suicide murderers, up until the minute they board a bus in Tel Aviv filled with children.

The movie looks professional. It was made with great attention to detail, but it is extremely dangerous – not only to the Middle East, but to the whole world.

My son Asaf, almost 17 years old, was a high school student in the eleventh grade who loved computer science. One day after school he boarded a bus home, as usual. Along the way, a suicide murderer from Hebron, 21 years old, a computer science student at the Hebron Polytechnic, exploded on the bus. 17 people were killed, 9 of them school children aged 18 or less. My son Asaf was killed on spot.

I watched the movie "Paradise Now" trying to understand what it is trying to say, what message it carries? That the murderer is human? He is not. That he has doubts? He has none. After all, he is willing to kill himself along with his victims. That the Israelis are to blame for this brutal killing? Are the Israelis to blame for the Twin Towers in New York, the night club in Indonesia, the hotel in Egypt, the shop in Turkey, the restaurant in Morocco or in Tunis, the hotel in Jordan, the underground in London, the train in Spain? And the list goes on and on.

What makes this movie award-worthy? Would the people that awarded this movie the Golden Globe do the same if the movie was about young people from Saudi Arabia who learn how to fly airplanes in the USA and then use Islamice rituals to prepare themselves for their holy mission, crashing their planes into the Twin Towersin New York City? Would this movie get an award then?

This movie tries to say that suicide murder is legitimate when you feel you have exhausted all other means. But a suicide murderer who boards a bus kills 15 or 20 innocent people, so how about a suicide murderer who walks into a city with a biological bomb and kills 10,000 people or 100,000 people? Is that still legitimate? Where does one draw the line?

I believe that the world should draw the line at one person. The killing of even one person is not legitimate. My son was almost 17 years old, he loved surfing, he loved loud music. Now he is gone because a suicide murderer decided it's legitimate to blow himself up on a crowded bus.

Granting an award to this kind of movie gives the filmmakers a seal of approval to hide behind. Now they can say that the world sees suicide bombing as legitimate. By ignoring the film's message and the implications of this message, those that chose to award this film a prize have become part of the evil chain of terror and accomplices to the next suicide murders – whether they kill 17 people or 17,000 people. "

Name: Yossi Zur

Email: Yossi@blondi.co.il

Web: www.Blondi.co.il

The Counterterrorism Blog: Father of Suicide Bombing Victim: Golden Globe to "Paradise Lost" Legitimizes Terrorism

Monday, January 23, 2006

Pink Badge of Courage--Congressman Murtha Proudly receives badge and thanks from Code Pink

Congressman Murtha, ex-Marine and now thug enabler, proudly wears the Pink Badge of Courage presented by Code Pink, an anti-war group founded by commies, who hassle our wounded with protests out side Walter Reed Hospital. Code Pink, Global Exchange, and Families for Peace also donated a combined total of $600,000 in medical supplies and cash to the godless-evil-terrorist-thugs-fighting U.S. Marines in Fallujah, Iraq.

via Discover the Networks
Code Pink for Peace is a self-described "grassroots peace and social justice movement" formed in December 2002 to join the cadre of anti-war groups protesting against America's then-impending war in Iraq. Code Pink was founded by four experienced activists and hardcore Communists - Jodie Evans, Medea Benjamin, Diane Wilson, and a radical Wiccan activist calling herself Starhawk. Ms. Evans is the nominal leader of the organization, which works closely with Medea Benjamin's group Global Exchange, which in turn maintains strong ties to the Communist Workers World Party (WWP). Code Pink also works hand-in-hand with United For Peace and Justice, whose leader Leslie Cagan is a longtime devotee of Fidel Castro and the Socialist Party USA. Throughout the 1990s, many of the Marxists currently working for Code Pink organized anti-free trade protests - some of them violent - and filed numerous high-profile lawsuits that forced American corporations to spend millions of dollars defending themselves.

Cybercast News Service previously reported Code Pink was criticized for picketing the military hospital holding signs that read "Maimed for a Lie" and "Enlist Here to Die for Halliburton."

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Ferris Hassan's Day Off via Northeast Intelligence Network - News

Remember this Dude? Farris Hassan, not to be confused with Ferris Bueller, took a day off from school, where he was taking "immersion journalism" and "on his own" w/o parents OK flew off to Iraq to research his school project:
Farris HASSAN, the 16-year-old Pine Crest student from Fort Lauderdale who left the comforts of his $4 million family home on December 11 for Iraq, claimed that he made the trip to put his lessons of his “immersion journalism” class into practice, and selected Iraq out of humanitarian concerns for the Iraqi people. His story quickly caught the attention of the media, who portrayed this young man as adventurous but naive, and his worried parents clueless to his intentions until they received an e-mail from him when he was in Kuwait. Upon his return home, he would certainly face the consequences from his concerned parents, despite his ostensibly altruistic intentions.

Right. Despite all the attention from the world press, seems no one bothered to run the basic gum shoe investigation of the "facts". Once upon a time,"Check the facts, Jack!" lived as a basic rudimentry practice for young apprentice newsmongers. Apparently, the practice of checking facts now exits as a discarded ritual by members of the MSM as an unneccessary waste of time--especially when the "story" is so good. Nonetheless, practitioners of the ancient art of double checking leads has produced an interesting aside to Farris Hassan's excellent adventure. With hardly any trouble into fact-checking research Northeast Intell has determined:

  • Father Hassan has an FBI rap sheet for forgery of passports and military ID cards
  • Pine Crest School does not have a journalism school.
  • Lourdes Cowgill, president of the Pine Crest School, said that Hassan was never given an "immersion journalism" assignment and added that there is, in fact, no journalism class at the school.
  • "Also, the school confirmed that the boy's father, Dr. Redha Hassan not only knew of his son's intended travels, but authorized his absence, which is inconsistent with his initial public statements."
  • "Farris spent ten days in Beirut, and while there, met with a media relations officer of the terrorist group Hezbollah at their Central Press Office. This meeting was arranged through the assistance of his hosts – the family's friends."
So dude, how about a show and tell on what were you doing meeting w/known enemies of your country?

Northeast Intelligence Network - News

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Final Respects: Lance Cpl. Christopher B. Best and Petty Officer 3rd Class David S. Sotelo

The Marines and Sailors of 3rd Light Armored Reconnaissance Battalion, 1st Marine Division, gathered at the Protestant Chapel here Jan. 18, to pay their final respects to Lance Cpl. Christopher B. Best and Petty Officer 3rd Class David S. Sotelo.

Best and Sotelo died as a result of a military vehicle accident on Interstate Highway 15 Jan. 4, while enroute to Marine Corps Air Station Miramar for predeployment training.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Sept 05: Gunny Burghardt now --two months left in his second tour via Stars & Stripes

Stars & Stripes

"As he was helped to his feet, Burghardt said, he felt a wave of anger and adrenaline flow through his system. He had just extended his Iraq tour that morning and he was livid that he had been bested by the bomber.

“I was really pissed off that they got me, that after all this time, they got me,” Burghardt said. “I figured the triggerman was still watching, so I flipped him off. I yelled, ‘[Expletive] you! I’ll be out here next week!’”

It was at this moment that photographer Jeff Bundy of the Omaha (Neb.) World-Herald snapped the photo that would be seen on office walls, refrigerators, screensavers, Web sites and newspapers throughout Iraq and the U.S."

Sunday, January 15, 2006

RUTBAH, Iraq – Dec. 15. Citizens of Rutbah line up to vote at a polling site with security provided by First LAR Marines and "War Pigs". Iraqis came out to the polls across the Sunni-dominated, Al Anbar province in Iraq, to exercise their rights.
"We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with inherent and inalienable rights; that among these, are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness; that to secure these rights, governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed; that whenever any form of government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the right of the people to alter or abolish it, and to institute new government, laying its foundation on such principles, and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their safety and happiness." Thomas Jefferson

W/a bit of help from a 7.62, a War Pig and some guts behind it.

Photo by: Cpl. Ruben D. Maestre

Seaman Bryan W. Stocks, a Kenai, Ak., native and platoon corpsman, 3rd Platoon, Company A, 1st Light Armored Reconnaissance Battalion, during a security sweep in Al Tamal, Iraq. In addition to providing first-tier medical care to injured Marines, he also helps the Iraqi civilians they encounter during their operations.
Photo by: Sgt. Stephen M. DeBoard
A building that soulless-evil-thug-pretators were hiding in goes up in smoke and flames after being gutted by HE rounds during a firefight w/ Scouts from 2nd Platoon, 1st LAR, during Operation Steel Curtain. Photo by: Cpl. Ken Melton

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Al-Zawahiri-Thug Master Could be Outside Air Locker Playing Footsie W/the Virgins


Aliases: Abu Muhammad, Abu Fatima, Muhammad Ibrahim, Abu Abdallah, Abu al-Mu'iz, The Doctor, The Teacher, Nur, Ustaz, Abu Mohammed, Abu Mohammed Nur al-Deen, Abdel Muaz, Dr. Ayman al Zawahiri

A week after Al-Jazeera aired a videotape w/a msg from al-Zawahiri to Dubya: 'fugitabut- admit we have kicked your butt' there is a 50-50 chance that Zawahiri may be out side the locker after a unmanned drone found his front door w/hell fire.

The number 2 thugmaster helped mastermind 9/11. He is also a thugmaster of interest in the 1998 bombings of U.S. embassies in Kenya and Tanzania.
The Yankee government has put up a $25 million reward for information leading to his capture.

Osama bin Laden himself hasn't been feeling well and was last heard on October 2004. Michael Ledeen has written that Oh is outside the airlocker due to kidney trouble. To date, there is no other confirmation number one is w/the virgins.

Friday, January 13, 2006

LAV Accident Near San Diego

Marine LCpl Christopher Best and Navy Corpsman David Sotelo died as a result of falling out of the LAV that crashed into this bridge railing.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

How to be Reimbursed For that extra goldplated Foxhole your mother insisted you take (just kidding) geez (thanks B4LAR)

DoD News: DoD Announces Issuance of Reimbursement Policy
No. 1018-05

Currently, the refunds are only available for purchases made between Sept. 10, 2001, and August 1, 2004. (Please don't get the idea that any hotshot gizmo you buy NOW is reimburseable. No. Nyet NADA.)

How to be Reimbursed

Get a claim form: The DD-2902 form is available online here (in PDF format)

Get your receipts: Troops can be reimbursed for purchase and shipping costs if they saved their receipts. Otherwise, reimbursement will be limited to the department’s estimated costs.

Submit the forms: For current servicemembers, that means handing the paperwork to a field-grade commander in a unit. For those who have already separated, each service will designate an authorizing official.

Do it now: Troops only have until Oct. 4, 2006, to claim their reimbursement.

According to this policy, the individual services shall reimburse members of the armed forces for the cost, including shipping, of any protective, safety or health equipment that was purchased by either the member or by another person for the member’s personal use in these operations: Operations Noble Eagle, Enduring Freedom or Iraqi Freedom.

There are certain requirements for this reimbursement. First, the equipment must be included on a list of shortage equipment that certifies the items were critical to the protection, safety or health of its members. The Department of Defense has already certified a basic list that includes ballistic vests, components of ballistic vests, helmets, ballistic eye protection and hydration systems.

Reimbursement for PER item is limited to the actual purchase price and shipping cost, supported by receipts, which cannot exceed $1,100. If service members do not have receipts, they will be reimbursed a standard estimated cost for each item, as provided on the list of certified items.

(If you didn't keep your receipts you will only get the estimated value of the thingamuggie MINUS the next day Federal Express shipping charges)

All reimbursed items become property of the U.S. government and must be turned in to the unit logistics officer. Yes, it's called taxpayer property. One more thing, this is not a IRS deduction. An IRS business expense is deductable from your total tax bill upon proof you used the item to run your business aka office supplies etc and guess what, fellow thug seekers, you get to KEEP the said item as in you don't have to turn it into the IRS. This 2802 is a form for the Yankee govt. to pay you back money you spent for items aka body armor that they should have provided in the first place. And that's why you get to give it up. For the speed readers in the pack this is old news. Note the release date above: Oct 7th 2005. So I'm wondering why all of the sudden does this become newsable for the members of the mainstream media? Ahhh, of course, the Pentagon just released a report that says, 'we could have done a better job w/armor.' Suddenly, the air is filled w/ headlines that read "Mom's love and body armor" and Mom buys body armor for son for Christmas". The bulb lights. Duh. Oh yead, never miss an opportunity to stick it to the Dubya.

DoD News: DoD Announces Issuance of Reimbursement Policy

Christmas with 1st LAR in Iraq

Carrie Costantini ,Operation Santa coordinator for 1st LAR, and KV Elves shipped nearly a ton of goodies to LAR Marines at Korean Villege
600+ Apple cider packets
600+ Trail mix packets
2400 AA batteries
600+ White tube socks
1200 packs of Gum
600+ Chocolate chip cookies
600+ Crackers in packets
20 Large boxes of Ritz crackers (to put in the Christmas party boxes for platoons)
600+ candy bars

Gentlemen and Key Volunteers,
On behalf of all the Marines and Sailors of 1st LAR, I would like to thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedules to remember us on Christmas. Korean Village is a colorful place now with all the stocking hanging from the hootches and all the vehicles.
This meant a lot to all the Marines and Sailors here and we all want to thank you.
Thank you Again.........SgtMaj Bryan P. Ward

Monday, January 09, 2006

The Big O is Outside the Air Locker v/ Michael Ledeen

Michael Ledeen on Osama bin Laden on National Review Online: "And, according to Iranians I trust, Osama bin Laden finally departed this world in mid-December. The al Qaeda leader died of kidney failure and was buried in Iran, where he had spent most of his time since the destruction of al Qaeda in Afghanistan. The Iranians who reported this note that this year's message in conjunction with the Muslim Haj came from his number two, Ayman al-Zawahiri, for the first time."

On Nov 10 Delta Co. 1st LAR Celebrated w/blow out party

Photo/full story by Cpl. Ken Melton

Operation Steel Curtin gave First LAR the opportunity the celebrate the Corps birthday by
blowing in place in a mine and weapons cache. What could be finer? CO. Capt. Christopher J. Shimp, read the commandant’s birthday message and presented a piece of cake to the oldest and youngest Marine, a birthday tradition.

Marine Corps News> 1st LAR celebrates Marine Corps Birthday, destroy weapons cache

Sunday, January 08, 2006

via Common Sense and Wonder: Priceless comment

I found this site today. Short, pithy and to the point.

Common Sense and Wonder: "The Kool-Aid of moral equivalence.
An example of Hollywood logic: talk about living in a bubble."

(NY Post)
LET George Clooney explain why the suicide bombers in his 'Syriana' are sympathetically depicted as pious heroes while all the Americans in the movie are greedy or homicidal cynics. 'They [the terrorists] are, in a way, the most sympathetic, but I think that's important,' Clooney said in a videotaped interview shown on Fox News Channel. 'Because if you are going to fight a war on terror, which is not a state that you can go and bomb, then you need to understand what it is that creates the people who would do such horrible things, rather then just saying - labeling them as evildoers.'
Jerry Scharf 12:46 PM | Comment (0) | TrackBack (0)
Filed under: Hollywood Halfwits"

The Four Outcomes to this War

Waiting for enlightment to strike the rest of Hafiz Barghouti's cousins is about as likely as my hitting the million dollar power ball lottery. As a possible avenue to ending the war the idea is a deadend. However, Donald Sensing has explored alternative outcomes to WOT. The amazing aspect of this is that these outcomes have to be printed and discussed at all. I mean can you imagine anyone during WW II doing the "on the one hand if the Nazi's win we'll all have to speak German and the Jews will have to be cremated". Unless you were an alien visiting from the planet Zoom, the understanding was clear: Nazi's were against life, liberty, truth, justice and the American way and therefore bad. OK? Clear? Copy? Now, for gripes sake, you have to drag some of our fellow Americans down to the bottom line and rub their noses in the mess just so they get an inkling of what the @#$! is at stake:

The four basic outcomes of this war:

"1. Over time, the United States engenders deep-rooted reformist impulses in the Islamic lands, leading their societies away from the self- and other-destructive patterns they now exhibit. It is almost certainly too much to ask that the societies become principally democratic as we conceive democracy (at least not for a very long time), but we can (and must) work to help them remit radical Islamofascism from their cultures so that terrorism does not threaten.

2. The Islamofascists achieve their goals of Islamicization of the entire Middle East (at the minimum), the ejection of all non-Muslims from Saudi Arabia and the rest of the Persian Gulf, the destruction of Israel, and the deaths of countless numbers of Americans.

3. Absent achieving the goals stated just above, al Qaeda successfully unleashes a mass-destructive, mass-casualty attack against the United States and total war erupts between the US and several Islamic countries.

4. None of the above happen, so the conflict sputters along for decades more with no real changes: we send our troops into combat intermittently, suffer non-catastrophic attacks intermittently, and neither side possesses all of the will, the means and the opportunity to achieve decisive victory. The war becomes the Forever War.

Perhaps you can think of another, different outcome, but I think these pretty much cover them.

So the question for us commentati, whether based on the web or in traditional media, is simply: which of these outcomes is best? Which will be most favorable to human flourishing?

As for me, I choose the first, and have no qualms admitting I am heavily biased in favor thereof. And that bias certainly shapes my blogging!

The basic issue for news media :

For the news media, I ask you: which outcome do you want? It is not possible to pretend neutrality here, for the power of the media to frame the public's debate is too great to claim you are merely being "fair and balanced." There literally is no neutral ground here, no "God's eye view" of events, and hence no possibility of not taking sides. One way or another, what you print or broadcast, what stories you cover and how you cover them, what attention you pay to what issues and how you describe them - all these things mean that you will support one outcome over another. Which will you choose? How will you support it? These are the most important questions of your vocation today. But you are not facing them at all.

Roger Simon is right: this war is war at its most basic: "It's about civilization versus a death cult. Make a choice!"

One Hand Clapping

Friday, January 06, 2006

It's too late to shovel, boys, grab your hip boots and run!

In a fit of peak and candor a Palestinian editor admits that the depth of dog dew they are in is a lot deeper than anyone ever thought AND!!! OMG!! It's caused by (gasp!) (gasp!!) Palestinian selfishness!!!!:

Hafiz Barghouti, the editor of the newspaper Al-Hayat Al-Jadeed, has written: "It appears we are neither prepared to change, nor admit that we have failed in running our own affairs. Everyone is busy calculating how to make the biggest possible gains at the homeland's expense.

"While most Palestinians find it easy to blame the occupation for all our ills, it is a fact that the occupation was not as bad as the lawlessness and corruption that we are now facing."

Amazing Grace! If Only 999 million more would get the Lightning bolt of Reality Check we would be set to go for the thousand years of peace!
via Melanie

BBC NEWS | World | Middle East | Gaza's spiral into anarchy

Thursday, January 05, 2006

LAV accident near San Diego-two dead two injured LAR Marines

LAR Marines from 29 Palms were in an accident last night while towing a disabled LAV that swung around the front of the tow vehicle:

"The camouflaged vehicles - one designed to transport troops and supplies and the other equipped with a 25 mm cannon and turret - were headed from the Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center at Twentynine Palms to the Miramar Marine Corps Air Station.

One vehicle was ferrying eight Marines and towing a second without personnel when they crossed a bridge in Rancho Bernardo, a hilly suburb about 30 miles north of downtown San Diego and several miles east of Miramar.

The towed vehicle somehow swung around in front of the first and both careened into a guard rail, coming to rest on the edge of a bridge spanning a canyon, authorities said."

AP Wire | 01/05/2006 | Two dead, two injured in San Diego military vehicle accident

Danny Spiewak ,Delta Co First LAR: Mom and Fellow Nurses gather tons of goodies for Christmas

Nurse Chris Spiewak of Marysville, Washington and her colleagues at Providence Everett Medical Center's Colby Campus mailed a lot of goodies for her son and his mates in Delta Co. First LAR in Iraq.
Danny graduated from Marysville-Pilchuck High School in 2004, enlisted in the Marines that summer, graduated from boot camp in March and was sent to the Iraq border.

"Since October, the nurses have shipped more than 50 boxes of donated items to Danny Spiewak and the 31 other men in his platoon as they patrol the Iraqi-Syrian border.

"It brings us closer, with a gratifying feeling of helping someone who's helping you," said Sandy Olson, the floor's nursing supervisor.

The floor usually adopts a family each Christmas. This year, it seemed right to help Spiewak and his platoon, Olson said.

"We've all seen him grow up since he was a little tyke. It was nice to help somebody you know," she said.

Nurse Chris Spiewak of Marysville said she has been humbled by the outpouring."

HeraldNet: Giving starts at home

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Fire and Ice: Marine Combat Artist

Fire and Ice
In 1967, the first Marine Combat artist I ran into was in Vietnam. He bunked w/us until he moved to another unit closer to the DMZ. I was flabbergasted the Green Machine knew art existed much less have a real, honest to God combat artist inside a combat zone. I no longer remember the dude's name but he was a cool hand. He had to answer a serious grilling by our team all w/good humor. Are you really in the Corps? How did you get this job? How long are you in country? (six months) but the one important question I wanted answered was..... did they make you go through Boot Camp?....no. I was reminded of all this after discovering a link to Michael Fay's Fire and Ice, a Marine Combat Artist's Blog, at NeoNeo-Con. The first drawing he has today also reminded me of how I never traveled w/out an extra paperback book:
"The drawing I include today shows three Marines who've been waiting hours for a helicopter ride out of a forward operating base. These guys are what's referred to as "assorted cats and dogs". Marines with specialized skills, such as photojournalists, dog handlers with their bomb sniffing canine cohorts, satellite communications specialists and of course, yours truly, who've been attached to operational combat units for the duration of a specific fight. After the operation is over they're detached and left to their own devices to retrograde back to home commands for further assignments. This means signing up for space "A" (A for available) flights and then waiting for hours out in the sun on some rough graveled landing strip hoping that a sortie of helos shows up that's eventually going your way and has enough room for you and all your stuff. Hurry up and wait is the order of the day."

Check it out. It's good stuff.

Families Say: Six Marine Snipers from 3/25 were ambushed with info provided by insiders working w/Marines

The families of the twenty 3/25 Marines killed by ambushed are saying insurgents penetrated Iraqi security and betrayed the Marines plans and locations. Lt. Col. Mike Brown, 3/25, said the complete report on the ambush is classified but that the report "was about how the people responsible were ultimately found." "The fact these men were compromised is a part of the investigation."

Paul Schroeder, father of Lance Cpl. Augie Schroeder, said his son and the others were betrayed by Iraqi forces. Schroeder says that's the story he's being told by Marines who were there.

The report is classified. No one knows if or when it will be released. I'm sure the families will push the Corps to unclassify the report. As always, Marines are cautioned about talking about things they know only from heresay. Just because you were there does not mean you own the smoking lamp of truth. The Sago Mine disaster is a painful reminder of "miscommunication".

Monday, January 02, 2006

Wake up Call for Sleeper Cells via :The Counterterrorism Blog

Abu Musab al-Suri (a.k.a. Omar Abdel Hakim, Mustafa Setmariam Nasar) issued a wake up call for all sleeper cells to get up and start running amuck:
"I hereby call upon the mujahideen in Europe, the mujahideen in other enemy countries—as well as all those who are able to get to these countries—to act quickly and strike Britain, Italy, Holland, Denmark, Germany, Japan, Australia, Russia, France, and all other countries that have a military presence in Iraq, Afghanistan, or the Arabian Peninsula. They must either strike the territory of these countries or targets that are outside of their borders. O’ sleeper cells, wake up now!"
At the NYT, the not-so-asleep-thug-enabler editors are not answering questions, not even from their own guy-ombudsman about their NSA story tipping off terrorists thugs that our Intell was listening to their conversations. Brian Calume reviews NYT efforts as "woefully inadequate".
Oh, Dinosaur Dolts, say it ain't so.

Duh. On the Iraqi election, Left wing sites continue to ignore the 'best day in Iraq since the fall of Baghdad 32 months ago because all major factions PARTICIAPTED' as in voted.
Front Page.com

Double Duh. You would think that people who live in a freedom loving country would rejoice in spreading good news. Yead right. It's not for the hoi poi.
The Counterterrorism Blog: " O’ sleeper cells, wake up now!'

Sunday, January 01, 2006

New Year's Day Sunrise

First Sunrise of the New Year and many more to come. We are winning in Iraqi, the Democrat's are jumping of the end of the pier, the Sunni's are voting, the Iraqi Army is standing UP to protect their country so our troops can come home and Iraq, as Baby Noor, is on the road to Recovery and FREEDOM!