Monday, September 27, 2004

Texas Talk to Dan Rather

We know Modem aint what we used to do to weeds when they got hip high" and other goodies for Danny Boy in this funny as heck article in Texas Speak for Rather.
Well, Danny, you still ain’t lost all your redneck habits; you boys took one pickup load to the dump an’ come back with two. Dadgummit, Dan, where you gittin’ all this stuff? You been callin’ some kinda mystery numbers that ol’ boy, whatsisname, Kenneth, is bringin’ you offa bathroom walls at truck stops? Somethin’ you oughta be worryin’ about, Danny Boy: you know how the boys say when you go on a hunt always make sure to save a round for your huntin’ guide? Like if he don’t find nuthin’ else for you to shoot? "You suppose any a them rich, fancy-shmancy, New York dudes you work for ever been on a hunt and heard that, Dan, hmmm?"
Read the rest if you can stop laughing.
Road Less Graveled - A Down Home Message for Dan" by Russ�Vaughn

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