Monday, August 27, 2007

Simon Says:"join me in some verbal “weaponizing."

Roger Simon reminds all bloggers that the Beijing Olympics without Freedom of Speech is a propaganda con job. Simon says: blog about Chinese repression, censorship, suppression of bloggers and journalists. Do not blog about the Olympics.

Roger L. Simon

"So I would like to invite my fellow bloggers to join me in some verbal “weaponizing.”

From this moment on, I will not write about the Beijing Olympics unless the subject at hand is censorship and repression in China. And – unless the Chinese government changes its policies – when the Olympics do come, I will not blog about them at all. I will take the opportunity to write as often as I can about the lack of Freedom of Speech on the Chinese Internet and on the suppression of bloggers and journalists in that country.

I hope we could all do this together, especially since this is not an issue of right or left. It is about Freedom of Speech, something upon which the vast majority of the blogosphere can agree. We can reach across the aisle on this one, if others are willing. So…

… about those Beijing Olympics – they’re a propaganda sham until the people of China have Freedom of the Press.