Wednesday, September 01, 2010

First Day of September-Start Your Border Drone

wiki image: drone with Hellfire missile
border drones will only carry cameras, presumably.

Today, September 1st, marks the arrival of a third border drone added to the two other drones already on duty patrolling the border from Brownsville, Texas to the El Centro Sector in California. The addition of the third drone might, just might, interfere with that Mexican Army chopper that has been scooping across the border, uninvited, to check out whatever over on the Yankee side of the river, here and here. The $15 million dollar flying camera will, I assume, coordinate with ground border patrol units as to where the oncoming human traffic is moving. {Insert Big Whoop here.} The BPmen need more boots on the ground securing the border. Flying Cameras will now tell you how many areas you can not cover. Fox News

For a bugs eye view of the stampede across our border you need to go to the web site called
Border Invasion Pics. They maintain on the ground hidden cameras set on commonly used trails by smugglers. The site is a complete education.

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