Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Abu Musab Zarqawi : KYE

Some of those who have fought him the longest say his skills and his ideology are overrated.
"He was basically a street thug. That's probably the best way I can describe it," King Abdullah II of Jordan said in a CNN interview this week. As Zarqawi rose to international notoriety in Iraq, his first cause was overthrowing the Jordanian monarchy, a longtime U.S. ally in the region.
"I think the press made him much more capable, much smarter and much more of a threat than actually he really is," the king said.
"They know they have no future in a successful Iraq. Their only future is if they can make the country ungovernable," he said. "They can only extend their control through thuggery and threats."
But on his movement's Web sites and in lengthy written analyses attributed to him, Zarqawi has presented a coherent — if bloody — strategy for achieving his ends in Iraq and the Middle East.

Zarqawi wants Sunnis in control - The Washington Times: World - July 21, 2004

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