Saturday, August 28, 2004

Jihad Jane Starts Magazine to Fight the Infidel

As a nation where women's rights rank next to the nearest door stop, Saudi Arabia now has its first magazine devoted to Jihad Janes or female jihadis aka holy warriors. Al-Khansaa magazine, produced by the women's media center, will feature fitness tips, first aid information and advice on raising children to fight the nonbelievers.
Scoffers note: saudi women are not allowed to exist without permission, shop unescorted, vote, drive cars, marry without permission and their "main mission is to present lions to the battlefield". "however" women can fight without the permission of their husband or guardian since it would be a duty, and duties do not require consent." The inexorable march for women's liberation through loopholes continues.
Islamist women use Web for war with infidels - The Washington Times: World - August 28, 2004

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