Saturday, August 28, 2004

LAR Teams Discuss Ambush Formations

"During a rehearsal for a convoy north to Iraq, members of the 24th MEU Light Armored Reconnaissance detachment gathered around a white dry-erase board that they'd propped on the back of one LAV. Lights from another vehicle illuminated the scene. They discussed the types of formations they would use, how they would treat local traffic, and what they would do in response to different forms of enemy attack."Like a modern-day version of the "Rat Patrol," their Humvees are mounted with .50-caliber heavy machineguns and MK-19 automatic grenade launchers. All have the latest bolt-on armor attached to the sides and undercarriages. Inside, water containers and MRE boxes consume the limited space between stacks of metal ammunition cans.
The Daily News, Jacksonville NC:

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