Friday, September 04, 2009

Death of A U.S Marine-Lance Corporal Joshua M. Bernard

Lance Cpl. Joshua M. Bernard of New Portland, Maine, died from wounds from an RPG grenade in a Taliban ambush Aug. 14 in Helmand province. As this Marine lay dying, photos of his last conscious moments were taken by AP writer/photographer Julie Jacobson and published by AP despite the objections of his family.

"We understand Mr. Bernard's anguish. We believe this image is part of the history of this war. The story and photos are in themselves a respectful treatment and recognition of sacrifice," : AP senior managing editor John Daniszewski.

This is rich coming from an organization that refused to publish the Mohammad cartoons. Apparently those images-cartoons-were not part of history.

First Amendment Center:

The Associated Press has chosen not to distribute the drawings.

"We don't distribute content that is known to be offensive, with rare exceptions. This is not one of those exceptions. We made the decision in December and have looked at the issue again this week and reaffirmed that decision not to distribute," Executive Editor Kathleen Carroll said in response to queries about the cartoons.

AP is careful not to distribute content that is known to be offensive when AP could find itself on a hit list. No danger of that when AP actions are offensive to a Marine family. AP. No decency. No compassion. No Common sense. None. Just Despicable. Tell me again about the middle ground. And pray tell what Was Mr. "The Press-is-not-the-enemy"Gates' reasoning again on allowing these parasites on base to feast on photographs of the coffins of our returning dead at Dover Air Force Base.

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