Sunday, October 03, 2010

I can hear firefights from my window....

Its been a rough September here in the RGV. October isn't looking much better. I ran into a friend of mine who lives in a house in the old part of Brownsville, Tx. His house is only a few blocks from the Rio Grande bridge crossing and for a week he's heard on going firefights. Did it make you nervous? I asked. Its crazy he says. The border/bridge guards are not satisfied anymore just carrying side pistols. This week they are carrying shotguns. Its serious. Grenades are being toss around Matamoros. A couple at City Hall and the Police Station. The Mexican Army made a haul last week. They uncovered a cache of "43 rifles and assault rifles, 10 handguns, two rocket launchers, one rocket, 318 ammunition magazines, 21 grenades, 9,881 ammunition rounds, 10 Kevlar helmets, six tactical vests, 44 patches and logos of the Gulf Cartel, 558,000 pesos, 393 dollars, two vehicles, communication equipment and military type uniforms". On Thursday, the riddled bodies of two Mexican residents were found here up by Olmito, Tx on FM 511 still in side a gray pick up truck. Last week also, a resident of McAllen, Tx was gunned down while jet sking on Falcon Lake up by Zapata Tx. His body has not been recovered. Nothing to worry about say the Local LEOs. Used to be worse. This is isolated spillover violence.

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