Saturday, October 30, 2010

Teleconference From the War Zone

Today, The Washington Post has a wonderful story on how America's modern electronic marvels contribute to saving the lives of our wounded men with

"Teleconferencing from the War Zone"-"The conference helps ensure no injuries are overlooked in patients who often have a dozen wounds or more."

When you have finished reading this article remember that the care our men receive does not end when he is on the road to recovery. Your donations to Project Valour IT will provide voice controlled/adaptive computers and other technology to our wounded men recovering from hand wounds or other severe injuries. Please make a donation by clicking on the green button today. Thanks.

BAGRAM AIR FIELD, AFGHANISTAN -- It's a heart-stopping and heartbreaking catalogue of the mayhem, heroics and human toll of modern war.

Every Thursday afternoon doctors, nurses and medics gather in a conference room at the military hospital here, linked by telephone or videocam to colleagues at all the combat hospitals in Afghanistan, and at military hospitals in Europe and the United States. Over two hours, this virtual assembly of about 80 people reviews the care of every U.S. service member critically injured in Afghanistan in the previous week.

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