Friday, December 10, 2010

The Chicago Way--Crony Car Capitalism-this is rock and roll--

This is Rock and Roll And this is Corrupt-Crony Car Capitalism-the following is the end money paragraph to an interesting article of how the Obama administration and the UAW played the American taxpayer for suckers. Gary Jason the Chicago Way gets things done. Act like you had no idea this chicken crap was going to play. Take it away, Gary Jason:

So there you have it. The Obama administration rigged the bankruptcy to favor the union, rigged the IPO to favor the union, and has purchased much of the inventory unsalable in the free market, again to benefit the union (and the environmentalists). But of course, the unions (and the environmentalists) pumped many millions of dollars into Obama's campaign. They also and pumped many millions into trying to keep Democratic candidates in office in the last election.

This is corrupt, crony car capitalism, all paid for by coerced taxation, from an administration that promised a new era of transparency and honesty in government. But at the end of the day, the cabal at the top behaves just like the dirty Chicago machine that spawned it.

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