Tuesday, December 14, 2010

M-27 December Delivery-1LAR

In December, the 1st Light Armored Reconnaissance will be checking out all the bells
and whistles of the new Heckler and Kock M-27 Infantry Automatic Rifle. The new
improved and lighter replacement is the M-27 at 9.2 lbs. loaded with 5.56 rounds vs. the old granny heavy M-249 SAW/22 lbs. loaded with 5.56MM ammo. The CMC doesn't want to bite on a full contract purchase until he finds out what clients, the grunts, like and dislike about the new sub for the SAW. Bells and whistles include a scope, Squad Day Optic with a 3.5 magnification, Six position adjustable butt stock, left and right handed sling mounting options, a guide in the magazine well to assist in speed reloads and a recoil-reducing compensator with a butt stock pad. Bottom line - when you need a sledge hammer kill rate will this machine gun lite get you the down range effect? Until this, on paper, bad boy gets back from a couple of tours in AFG we'll find out for sure.

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