Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Return of Jack Burton....

A reader inquires:

Where are you and why have you stopped posting? This is really neat blog. Nulla dies sine linea. on H and S 4thLAR Training in Republic of South Africa

Nothing terrible bad.  Got Pensioned out. Old Nam Vets, much like salmon heading up stream,  hit the road for several months. Insane.  Price of gas. Unreal. The last walk about I did was 1969 on a motorcycle right after I got back from Nam. Sweet Judy. Lovely.  Gas .33 cents a gallon.  This time, Bought an "Adventure Truck Tent" for the Pork Chop Express Gmc Pick up  and off we went.  Got up to Maine before turning back. Saw a good piece of this wonderful country.  Got mugged by a pair of raccoons in New York state. Heh.  They swiped our chicken dinner. Stealthy buggers.  Didn't know they were there until we finished our drinks and went for the grub.  That was as bad as it got- that and having to buy four new tires to make the return. Ouch.   We saw the Blue Smokey Mountains and relatives and grandkids and then it was time to return. Sad.  I wanted to get to Kentucky and do the bourbon tour at Makers Mark.  On our return  the first mate had a surprise for me. Tired of city life. She says.  Wants to move to a deserted island.  So we did. Unbelievable. It's not deserted but it do have internet.    I actually got a email from Dvids wondering why I stop pestering them for ignoring LAR units.  wow. Slow business day. We're back. 

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