Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Oh Chitlins! Letterman is in for it now..He's P'ed Oh'ed Cynthia Yockey

Looks like Letterman's days of cheap shots at Palin are over as he has incurred the wrath of Cynthia Yockey who has simple "objectives" and they are all about a millionaire clown who jokes about raping girls whose mother is the Governor of Alaska:

"Letterman has a five-year-old son with a long-time partner he married in March. He is 62 and has had a quintuple heart bypass. If it occurs to him that he needs to spend time with his family and focus on his health, and retires IMMEDIATELY, say, by Friday, June 19, 2009 — I’m a great believer in being specific about objectives — well, everybody’s a winner."

Cynthia Yockey site

Fire David Letterman web site

I think Letterman is about to catch a swarm of earth quakes, followed by a shower of poison arrows from the sky. Time to walk the plank, big guy, spend more quality time with your family.

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