Saturday, December 12, 2009

Bravo 4th LAR Photos Afghanistan Link

Goddess of Blogs bestows : Great Link to 4th LAR AP Images dated 12/11/2009. Whoo! Whoo! If you see something you like, pixs are available for personal use only sale prices. Some of the 4th LAR Marines ID'ed by name are Cpl. William Lins, Corpsman Damon Anderson, Sgt. Isaac Tate, Cpl. Aleksander Aleksandrov, LCpl. Casey Kratzner, Cpl. Joseph Kelly, Gunny Randy Scifo, Cpl. Jay McLellan, Top Mike Hilton, Cpl Benjamin Zellman and Cpl. Mike Villa Alvazo Garcia. Lots of other pictures including Football in Afghanistan pictures.

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