Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Call Me Ishmael. Some time - weeks actually-I decided that rather than wait quietly for the pasture gates to open for me I would, instead, pass the time working the Christmas season. Having little or no experience with customers in full dress hunting/gathering zeal, I blithely launched myself into the danger zone. I mean how bad could it--was I not the former now retired heavy construction gang leader- able to work day and night in any heat or subfreezing weather? Come on. Already. How bad could it be. Christmas Eve. OMG. Mind numbed by incessant holiday music, I am on my last legs. When who should appear but a customer to inquire if we were going to be open Christmas Day? Christmas Day? I hear my music and question addled brain inquire: (What? it asks- Christmas Day? Christmas Day?! Who, in his right mind, would be opened Christmas Day?) Without thinking, I let slip my corporate poker how-can-I-help-you HAPPY FACE and brightly announce: "Tomorrow is Christmas Day." Lipstick. That's the difference between a pit bull and an unhappy customer whose screaming reply is indelibly etched into my DNA to be BRIEF: "I KNOW WHAT IT IS, I KNOW WHAT IT IS...I ASKED YOU IF YOU WERE GOING TO BE OPEN!!!!

The point of this happy tale is to thank The Goddess of Blogs and Tech Wench at Villainous Company for linking to post Merry Christmas from CAAT1 and starting a 'lanche that included over 200 clicks, 14 comments and blog links by Liberal Guy, Black Five, Neptunuslex and Spouse Buzz. Unheard of for this blog. Plus I finally discovered the automatic link thingy at the bottom of the post. Who knew it was there?

Checking the stats for that post was a wonderful antidote to post holiday stress syndrome. Well, that and the two MDR's shaken, not stirred, minimum daily requirements. HEH. Thank you All. You made my day. This is the most action the wheel bearings on this blog have had in 5 years. I may have to actually grease the bearings this year.

All the best, in the coming year, to everyone and May God Bless, Protect and Keep our Marines Safe!

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