Thursday, November 19, 2009

Slow. Whats going on? Out of film?

The DI web site has remained static, aka no new pixs, since the Marine Corps birthday. Why? Don't know. Honestly, I don't know anymore than you about what the whohaw is going on. You think they ran out of film,for crikeysakes, give a break already. Really. I been culling the remains for shots I may have missed or overlooked the first view. I prefer faces and names. Pix w/generic "Marines of the blah, blah" are not selected as they are off your search engine radars. Not much use to you when you are typing in the search engine the name of your son, daughter, lover. OK. What ever. The good news is that boredom pays off. Sorta. I discovered the "Still Photo Collections"
In the collections, I found War Pig pixs. OOOHRAH! Some of, hell who am I kidding, most of them are 10 years old--most are four to five years past the sell by date. But HEY! Who loves you, baby. Bring it on. We will post these oldies but goodies until the boys at Helmand Province Combat Camera figure out how to hit the SEND button. Not complaining. Just, you know, the SITREP. While we wait for new pixs. From Helmand Province. May be one of the combat camera correspondents will make it up to Bravo 4th LAR. What? It could happen.

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