Friday, November 05, 2010

First LAR Barham Chah.

Operation Steel Dawn II in Barham Chah. 10.30.2010
(my bad. Not 4th--- it's First--oh-duh soon to be relived by 3rd --found it at Flickr
and there the pix ID is 4th BUT at DVIDs the pix ID IS FIRST. Something is screwy--even at DIVDS if you check the montage the ID is 4th but when you key the pix the ID changes to 1st.?
Beats me. Just work here. thanks ...


  1. Anonymous5:21 AM

    This is 1st LAR.... pretty sure 4th hasnt been in afghanistan since May, nor could they pull off an attack like that... just saying....

  2. Anonymous11:49 PM

    i'm positive 4th could have pulled it off just fine. just saying.