Friday, November 05, 2010

Cassandra’s Demotivator Poster Contest Now with Added Zing!

Now at Villainous Company Cassandra's Famous Demotivator Contest back by popular demand....

1. For each entry submitted, the Marine team will donate $20 to Valour IT. We'd love it if each entrant would undertake to match our donation but making a donation is NOT required in order to enter the contest.

2. The contest will run from Thursday until Sunday at midnight. On Monday morning we will vote for the best entries in each category. Again, the Marine team will donate $25 per vote for each winning entry, up to a maximum of $500.

3. We are challenging the Army, Navy, and Air Force teams to enter their own Demotivators, and ask their readers to match (or improve upon) our pledges for entries and winning votes.

There will be categories for:

Best Air Force, Army, Navy, and Marine demotivators.

Best "Embracing the Suck" poster.

Best Salvo from the Distaff Side

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