Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Match our donations -Challenge

Villainous Company: Please support Project Valour-IT.

Four generous donors have ponied up a whopping $1250 in donations, but there's a catch: we need you to match our donations. Throughout the day, today and tomorrow, the Marine team be throwing out challenges to our readers. Some will be fun, some will be serious. Every donation counts, so don't be discouraged if you can't afford much.

Are you willing to step up and help us reach our goal? If so, make a donation and then email me (cassandra.vc at gmail.com) your donation receipt. If you want to X out your name, that's fine. I will keep the identities of all donors strictly confidential:

Here's what your money will buy for a wounded soldier, sailor, airman or Marine:

$800 buys a Voice-controlled Laptop - Operated by speaking into a microphone or using other adaptive technologies, they allow the wounded to maintain connections with the rest of the world during recovery.

$200 buys a Wii Video Game System - Whole-body game systems increase motivation and speed recovery when used under the guidance of physical therapists in therapy sessions (donated only to medical facilities).

$200 buys a Personal GPS - Handheld GPS devices build self-confidence and independence by compensating for short-term memory loss and organizational challenges related to severe TBI and severe PTSD.

$400 buys an iPad

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