Wednesday, November 03, 2010

"We the PEOPLE..."No surrender, no compromise, no capitulation.

Good MORNING America!

The Red Tide has swept through and cleaned out a few nondescript orifices and it's going to be a sparkling day in the republic! I'm not entirely satisfied, however, and the headline is more for our so called RINO's AKA self serving opportunistic bastions of democracy than for democrats who can't help themselves. They were born that way.

Bipartisanship? Please. Stick your olive branch where the sun don't shine, dude.

Any meeting in the aisle, by current Republican office holders, will jeopardize the election of a Republican POTUS in 2012 and will be dealt without fuss and feathers in the next election.
Yead, buddy.

Now celebrate with a donation to Project Valour IT-Marine Team!!

That's what I'm taking about.

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