Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Heh! 1 Million and Counting-USMC leads the Way

Jack Burton Quotes the Milblogger:

"Way back in November,Milblogging.com wrote about the Marines amassing over 600,000 Facebook fans. Two weeks before that story ran, the Marines sat at 460,000 fans and quickly gained over 100,000 more in a matter of days.

Now as of today, the Marines fan base on Facebook has grown to
903,164 People Like This
and 1 million fans is just around the corner.

No other branch of the military comes close to the number of Facebook fans the Marines have managed to attract.

current standings on Facebook as of 11 January 2011:"

U.S. Army:
583,572 People Like This

United States Air Force:
292,427 People Like This

U.S. Navy:
256,469 People Like This

U.S. Coast Guard:
46,360 People Like This

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