Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Lance Cpl. Nathan Peyton, The Big WOW!

Lance Cpl. Nathan Peyton, combat engineer, 3rd Platoon, India Company, Three Five, a smile, moments after discovering an improvised explosive device during a patrol in Sangin District, Dec. 30. This IED was a directional 'frag,' set up to blast the length of the alleyway, according Sgt. David Bibi Castillo, who led the patrol. Peyton's alertness, (Marine was not just looking for IEDs but was walking POINT! when he noted a change in the dirt pattern) saved four to five lives -- an entire fire team.

Gunnery Sgt. William Price , 12/30/2010

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  1. Way to go LCpl Peyton! Vigilance and a keen eye saved you and your team that fateful day. A big thank you from this Marine Mom!