Wednesday, January 05, 2011

The US Navy Eats Its Own:Enterprise skipper Capt. Owen Honors Is Toast

Well, wasn't that a fast trip. DADT a couple of weeks ago and I figured first the Hags and Harpies of the shore would first sent a couple of squads of unrepentant Christian Marines to reeducation camps but, hey, my bad, no we are going straight for the throat here: Fry the Captain of the Enterprise. Captain. Enterprise. Starship. Bridges all generational gaps. Why? For showing evil and raunchy flicks four freaking years ago in a mad dash effort to raise morale. For You people who have never had to wait for the one day the Eagle Shits to find joy in an otherwise suck wind outfit-hell- you will never know just how important a Skipper who is interested in raising morale can be. So now 4 years after the deed, Higher finds Captain Owen Honors conduct beneath contempt and reprehensible. Isn't that convenient. This poop smells like the Klingon tradition of officers promoting themselves by killing their commanders. Yead buddy. How convenient that only now the truth seekers at the Virginia Pilot should just happen to catch the lucky throw.

Too lucky for me. Can we look forward to the heads of command delivered on a platter for the crime of incompetence i.e. for knowing about this "heinous crime" four years ago and doing nada? Yead right. Didn't think so. So that leaves us with officers with poor performance reports and Higher echelon types seeking to check mate Captain Honors-Top Gun Graduate, Naval Academy graduate, on the horizon for promotion to Admiral. yead buddy. tell me about it. Two birds with one stone. The career of the Captain of the Enterprise is toastada and msg to Garcia aka watch your six.

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