Monday, July 06, 2009

Robert Strange McNamara Dead

Damn. How lucky can you get. Died in his sleep. At 93. The man I voted most responsible for the death of Marine Sgt. Tom Young in Hue and next to my favorite Uncle, Walter Cronkite, voted Most Wanted Balls nailed to my garage door, died in his sleep. SoniaHennie! God is, indeed in His Infinie Wisdom, most merciful. Bob knew, way long before anyone else, that Vietnam was a loser. Major Loser. Bob McNamara had his chance to speak up,when he resigned his post as LBJ's chief pettyflogger, and say that the war in Vietnam was unwindable. Instead,Bob McNamara choked. Bob McNamara decided,to accept LBJ's good boy-keep your mouth shut medal and depart on to a successful career as an European elite hot shot president of the World Bank and write his goddamn books and die in his sleep. Had your Chance Bob. Mucked It. . Dinosaur Marines can, indeed, be dated by the bloody unforgiving angst they still carry about the men, leaders as we are now wont to say, who led their men to hell and then bailed out on them with their goddamn golden parachutes. But, then, it was all about career moves. Wasn't it, Bob? Career Moves. Kinda like our current POTUS. Hey Bob, when you see Tom, tell him all about how you "fought a personal war with yourself over Vietnam." yead bob. you do that.

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