Friday, August 06, 2010

9-11 Hard Hat Will Refuse To Work on NY Mosque

Rush Limbaugh Show:Caller-"I myself am a 9/11 hard hat and we have been fighting this thing tooth and nail since it started, and it seems all our elected officials have abandoned us and let us down. So now it's basically down to us blue-collar workers coming together pledging not to do any work on that site. So that's what I'm reduced to, Rush.

RUSH: Somebody called yesterday and made mention of this possibility, that the people who are going to build it might just refuse to.

CALLER: Well, you see, I'm not putting any faith in the union leadership. As you know, they can be easily swayed. So what I'm doing is I'm a construction super in New York. I'm going around to all of the big construction sites because I do all the big work in New York City and I've been going up to the guys, I've been talking to them, and Rush, it's unanimous. These guys will rather sit home than lift a hammer or a nail that contributes to constructing this insult, this dagger in the heart of the 3,000 families that are suffering and have to relive the suffering if this thing actually goes through."

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