Thursday, August 12, 2010

Ground Zero: 72 Human Remains Found June 2010

You may have missed this, I did not find this until today, 9/11 bodies are still being discovered two blocks away from the proposed bridge to understanding-the Ground Zero Mosque. So, even now, we are still digging up bodies, identifying them and giving them a decent burial 8 years ll months and one day since that god awful morning celebrated throughout the middle east.

The Mayor left out this delicate point from his recent tirade on American's protests against building the Mosque. Not that he did not know about it-- he had the remains report on his desk June of 2010: "In late June 2010, at the time of the aforementioned news report, Mayor Bloomberg was informed of the bracing news that “1,845 potential human remains” had been recovered thanks to this intensified search."
NRO Andy McCarthy

"June of 2010, 72 human remains were announced found, following a 2 month-long sifting of 800 cubic yards of debris from Ground Zero and underneath adjacent roads. Some of the remains were found when new debris was uncovered during construction work at the WTC site. Although a
CBSNEWS article stated that "some have been matched to previously unidentified Sept. 11 victims," it did not provide further details.
" 9/11 Research": 1000 Missing Bodies at Ground Zero

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