Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Florida Mosque Host Fundraiser for Hamas

BIG PEACE:"Imam Muhammad Musri, (BFF Charlie Crist) hosted a fundraiser in Orlando for the terrorist group Hamas in June 2009, and a camera crew from ACT for America infiltrated the event held at Masjid Al-Rahman, Musri’s mosque, to record the proceedings. Imam Musri, head of the Islamic Society of Central Florida, serves on Crist’s Faith-Based and Community Advisory Council and was appointed by Crist to his 2010 Sunshine Census Committee."

"As the video taken by ACT for America shows, Galloway and Bray raised $55,000 at Musri’s fundraiser. During the event, Bray promised that the cash and materials collected from the Orlando event would be sent straight to Gaza":

"Well we’ve got the equipment. We’re going to send it Insha’Allah. We’re going to go with your movement Viva Palestina… We’ll ship it here from Florida to New York, and from New York to Egypt, and from Egypt we will put it into Gaza."

America. What a wonderful country! Freedom of Religion for everyone. Even for fundraisers. Cash for terrorist. Forget cash for clunkers. Good thing the FBI is on the case.

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