Sunday, August 08, 2010

LAR War Pigs To Get M27 IAR

One lucky Light Armored Reconnaissance Battalion will saddle up this fall with the experimental M-27 Infantry Assault Rifles in time for training and deployment to AFGN. The CMC has a maybe-lets see option on 4,100 M-27's to replace the granny SAW.

But first the CMC wants to make sure M-27 works as well in your grubby mitts as it did for the guys in the lab.

A major twist in your nickers: will a 30 round magazine rifle put the killer suppression fire down range that the M-240 SAW can with 200 round belt?

Humm Note:

In the heat of AFG, the empty weight of M-27 is 7.9 pounds. An unloaded SAW clocks in at 17 lbs and 22 lbs when it's set for fry.

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