Friday, February 08, 2008

Berkeley Backs Down--Mayor Tom Bates Apologizes to Marines

The effect of the possible loss of 2.3 million in federal funding for Berkeley city projects after the city council issued a letter stating the U.S. Marine recruiting office on Shattuck Avenue was not welcome and the Marines were "unwelcome intruders" hit the city officials hard in nut lockers and today those bastions of democracy are singing a different tune and it's not Tom Petty's: "I Won't Back Down"

Berkeley Mayor Tom Bates, a retired U.S. Army Captain:
"We apologize for any offense to any families of anyone who may serve in Iraq. We want them to come home and be safe at home."
"That letter will probably be pulled back and maybe more moderate language will be put in place which is appropriate I think,"

Berkeley City Councilman Laurie Capitelli:
"Subtly stated in the resolution is perhaps an impugning of the soldiers fighting for us in Iraq and other places," Berkeley City Councilman Laurie Capitelli. "And that was never the intention but that really needs to be cleared up. As I walked to my car that night I realized I regretted it and I had made a mistake."
Facing the loss of 2.3 million has the effect of focusing the mind wonderfully. Don't you think?