Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Franz J. Gayl,Pisses Off Marine Corps--too tender with dollars than Marine lives--CMC Calls for Pentagon's inspector general

Gayl report:
The CMC is asking the Pentagon Inspector General to step in and examine the Franz Gayl allegations that a two year delay in providing MRAPs wasted Marines lives.
"hundreds of deaths and injuries could have been prevented" if incompetent minders and red tape had not sidetracked the effort to get the MRAP's to the front lines in 2005 instead of 2007.


"MCCDC’s CDTS records reveal motivations for not fulfilling the GCE-focused
MRAP UUNS that contradict some USMC public statements (References a.10., a.11., a.14.,
a.15., a.16., a.19a., and a.20.). CDTS entries point to mid level process managers questioning
MRAP because it would compete against favored programs and futuristic expeditionary
warfighting concepts for funding.

A key observation is that Installations and Logistics (DC,

I&L) was assigned as the "Lead Advocate" for the GCE-initiated MRAP UUNS. The Lead Advocate often leads to the solution way-ahead recommendations. The I&L recommendations reflect a lack of technical and operational insight in the reviewer, as well as a lack of curiosity to better understand the need through an urgent Request For Information (RFI):"