Friday, April 18, 2008

AMERICAN FOREIGN LEGION AFL ---An idea from Fabius Maximus

Fabius Maximus has some ideas about starting an American Foreign Legion aka a Corps that will fight and only fight and kill and get rid of the be all you can be and Army of One bullshit. I like it. In 1965, fresh out of high school, it was the Corps I thought I was enlisting into instead of being surrounded by career lifers with chest sizes identical to their gut size with annual PT scores that beat mine---a three year cross country runner.
Another advantage: we’ll have a force enrolled expressly to fight. That would be an improvement, for recruiting is a form of deceit in our present scheme. Very much so for the Army. Extremely so for the Guard and Reserve. Not at all for the Marines. For many young men and women it is Russian Roulette, albeit with good odds that they will earn the money for an education without facing actual combat. Not all win. Jessica Lynch hoped to become a teacher. Her compatriot, Shoshana Johnson, joined the Army to be a cook. Prisoner of war for 22 days, she still suffers from her injuries (beaten and shot in both ankles).