Thursday, April 10, 2008

Grand Ayatollah Ali Sistani Confers Legitimacy Upon Prime Minister Nouri al Maliki government

Maliki's headlong rush to attack the Mahdi Army without proper back up may payoff dividends as now The Grand Ayatollah has come out in support of the government's demand that the Sadrist's surrender their weapons and stand down. This action will confer some badly needed legitimacy that Maliki has been either unwilling or unable to garner by himself. The weight of the Ayatollah carries a lot of muscle as he sent his representative out to make clear his position after Sadr declared that he would ask Sistani for direction. The Ayatollah smacked Sadr pretty good in his reply:“The top Shiite cleric had not been consulted in establishing al-Mahdi army, so it could not interfere in dissolving it,”
Al-Sistani asked al-Mahdi army to give in weapons to the government,” the Shiite official said.VOI
Private armies are the bane of any fledging government's struggle for power and legitimacy with citizens and this nutjob should have been cracked a long time ago. No matter. Apparently, Maliki now has Sadr on the ropes with legislation that will prevent political parties with private armies from participating in the election process. Color me duh.

We have opened the door for confrontation, a real confrontation with these gangs, and we will not stop until we are in full control of these areas," Maliki.

Ok Rocky, next we will have to see if Maliki has the moral courage of his convictions.