Saturday, April 19, 2008

Whack Job on Riyad al Nouri, Sadr's brother in law and Senior Aide may be inside job--

New can of worms same as the old can of worms--- news from Roggio's The Long War Journal has the death of Riyad al Nouri as a inside whack job by Sadr's men. Does that surprise me--not really. I fully expect to find out that the so call insiders are on the payroll of the Orc King.

The recent assassination attempts may be retaliation for the murder of Riyad al Nouri, Sadr's brother-in-law and a senior aide in Najaf. The Sadrist movement maintained the US killed Nouri, then switched its story and said its political enemies had Nouri murdered. But some Sadrists believe Nouri's murder "may have been an inside job from within the Sadr ranks."

A US military officer serving in Iraq who wishes to remain anonymous told The Long War Journal that Nouri may indeed have been killed by rival members of his Sadrist movement. It is rumored Nouri was pushing for the Sadrist movement to disband the Mahdi Army lest the party be shut out from the political process.