Sunday, April 06, 2008

Legitimacy--It's A Bugger for Infor-Orcs

A New study, The Al-Qaeda Media Nexus: The Virtual Network Behind the Global Message, is out at IRG and one of the key finding leaps out at JB:

Jihadist media are attempting to mimic a “traditional” structure in order to boost
credibility and facilitate message control. While conventional wisdom holds that
jihadist media have been quick to exploit technological innovations to advance their
cause, they are moving toward a more structured approach based on consistent
branding and quasi-oficial media entities. Their reasons for doing so appear to be a
desire to boost the credibility of their products and ensure message control.
The Orcs have Legitimacy problems just like any new upstart in the neighborhood and they are trying to overcome their lack of Legitmacy doing the monkey-see-monkey-do cha-cha. IRG