Saturday, March 20, 2010

Hey! Greetings from Khan Neshin Castle

I Swear. Some days are just totally awesome. Today, I had no sooner inquired of Red Two for news of Brown One with Bravo Four LAR in AFG and in my email is a note from himself! Wonderments! How is that for serendipity! Brown One Sends Greetings and reminders to all that Bravo 4 has several stories and pictures in the Stars and Stripes online archive.
"Stars and Stripes online: Oct and Nov 2009- pix and articles from Bravo here at Khan Neshin Castle. Not sure about Dec-Feb. Hope all is well in TX. The site looks great."

Brown One is now in AFG for his third trip abroad and I am astonished he managed to find time to read the CSquare. There you go. Made my day that he is ok and communicating. WoooWhoo!!! Will be trudging through the archives to find relevant War Pig articles.
Ok. First one. I am going to list the entire chapter and verse as I'm not sure how stable the link will be. Page 3 vol. 7# 251/Thursday Dec 17, 2009 "Undermanned Marines Police Border" by Sebastian Abbot, AP. Mentioned in the story are Lt. Col. Michael Martin, CO 4th LAR and Capt. Timothy Newkirk, XO.
Two:"Afghan Drug Problem Vexes Americans" Picture of Cpl. Joseph Kelly. News Story how 4th LAR is throwing a monkey wrench into the Taliban plans for global domination. page 3, Tuesday, January 10, 2010 vol 7 #268

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