Tuesday, March 23, 2010

John Cornyn "R"-Texas Needs The Texas Cactus GlueBat Magic

First out of the box, in our new Obama socialist republic-take from the 'rich' and give to the poor-is our very home boy, John Cornyn, National Republican Senatorial Committee chairman and oh my lordy dumb with this happy thought---HE WANTS TO CUT A DEAL!!!: there ARE aspects of the new Obama socialist agenda that he does not mind and will ignore.

Amazing. Earthquakes at 10 point seismic scale and homeboy here did not feel a thing.What planet is this boy from? Not the US of A. No Sir. On this planet in 1776, our Founding Fathers set the STANDARD for the world for individual freedom.

Where have you been, homeboy. You have been busy with your pig snot nose buried deep in the trough chopping down. Yead buddy. John Boy...I am talking to you from the heart... John-boy. Time to come home. You need prayer. And more time with your family. Chores at the ranch need tending to...hell fire. John boy is a perfect poster boy for what is wrong with so-called conservatives in the Republican party. Shoot. This morning Limbaugh was calling for a plan to pink slip any thing in Congress with a D after his/her name. John Boy. Your name is going up there. You need to be FIRST. For a so called Republican conservative that does not appreciate the advantages of a Limited Yankee Government AKA as keep your cotton picking fingers off my wallet, my property. John Boy--a limited yankee government is MY guarantee that my freedom, my liberty, my life and my pursuit of happiness will not be diminished by bullshit abstract ideas of property distribution through taxation. Ideas, John Boy, that Europe has already proved DO NOT WORK. It is an illusion! There only so many teats to suck on and after that, guess what, John Boy? You are SO shit out of luck. John Boy come back to the ranch. The stables need to be shoveled out. They are also full of bull shit.

National Republican Senatorial Committee chair John Cornyn (R-Tex.) implicitly acknowledged that Republicans are content with allowing some elements of Obama's reform into law. And they'd generally ignore those elements when taking the fight to their Democrat opponents as November approaches.

"There is non-controversial stuff here like the preexisting conditions exclusion and those sorts of things," the Texas Republican said. "Now we are not interested in repealing that. And that is frankly a distraction."THP

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