Thursday, March 25, 2010

Sergeant Major Robert J. Cottle 4th LARB

Sergeant Major Robert J. Cottle
4th Light Armored Reconnaissance Battalion


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  2. Anonymous10:27 AM

    He will be missed, a fellow Force Reconnaissance Marine from 4th Force Recon co.

    Sgt. Maj you died for you country and i will never forget and always be grateful. You carved your way into history and a warrior and a leader. God bless

    "Realizing that it is my choice and my choice alone......"

  3. Anonymous1:31 PM

    Well Done. Be thou at peace.
    Ltc Johnson

  4. Well Done. Be thou at peace.
    Ltc Johnson

  5. Anonymous2:51 PM

    Sgt makes me feel old.
    I was with you at 3rd Anglico, Long Beach.
    Thanks for always having a light heart and good
    joke. You were always thinking of the other.
    You were more than a great marine, you displayed
    great integrity as a human being and a relentless desire to help those in harms way during your time in the Marines and
    as a SWAT Instructor as well. You will be missed
    by many and many will learn why you are missed.
    Gods speed and Semper Fi

  6. Anonymous2:52 PM

    Thank You Sgt Cottle for serving this nation and the citizens of Los Angeles as The Best of The Best.

    Always a gentleman and warrior.

    One of your many partners in the streets of LA

  7. Anonymous4:35 PM

    I feel like superman was killed by a crackhead, with a pencil. It was a pleasure serving with him in 4th LAR. He will never be forgoten.

  8. pete wilgoren5:01 PM

    CBS2 has done several big stories on SWAT. we respect greatly what you folks do. today, we have had tremendous trouble getting info through LAPD public relations. We would love to find folks who worked with Sgt. Major Cottle to share his story. Respectfully, Pete Wilgoren CBS2 news 818 655 2271

  9. RJ,
    Thank you for being a fellow Marine and Team Leader to emulate. I'll miss you always and keep Em and your baby girl in my thoughts and prayers............see you down range.

  10. Anonymous9:13 PM

    RJ, Thanks for having the courage to do what most of us could not. My family and I are thankful that we have a lot of RJ Cottle's out there willing to sacrifice everything for freedom. Semper Fi.

  11. Anonymous12:55 AM

    R.J. We at Southwest Narcotics will always remember you for the great person that you are. Thanks for continuing to serve your country. You are appreciated.

    Semper Fi Brother

    Cedric Washington

  12. Brett Rankin1:17 AM

    My Mom used to baby sit Robert and his sister Bonnie in Whittier, CA. He was a mischievous kid, but never bad. My Mom had told me quite a long time ago that he had settled down and grown up to be quite an admirable young man. She is probably welcoming him in heaven right now. My family's condolences to his family, especially his wife and young child, along with the brave and courageous people with whom he served on LAPD and the Corps.

  13. Today we weep with the Mothers who have selflessly sacrificed her sons. They are not just heros, they are American Hero's, whom in a time of need stepped up and out from the safety of our soil and into battle. He believed in what he was asked to do. It is in this spirit that we continue to honor the memory of our fellow Americans. Those who have returned without fanfare, without the tears of joy and waiting arms of a wife, a husband,a child. We weep for those that have returned wrapped in the colors of her country, beneath a field of stars and the crimson stripes of the flag of our nation, to the dirge of Taps. We weep as a nation in unity, regardless of our political stance or our social status. We are bonded together, we are the fabric of our flag, stitched and sewn with the strength of every American warrior that ever was. This day we mourn, but we shall never forget.

  14. Anonymous7:41 AM

    Very Sad News. Served with Rob at the Embassy in Djibouti. he was all warrior. 1stSgt V

  15. God speed Sgt. Major Cottle. You will be missed.

    Cpl Groff
    4th Force Recon Hawaii Comm.

  16. Travis10:37 AM

    I was a neighbor of RJ's in Granada Hills. He could always be seen in his front yard wearing his marine garb on his way back from training, or unloading his hockey gear. He was a down to earth, easy to talk to gentlemen. He loved this wonderful country and protecting all its citizens. RJ you will be deeply missed and we have truely lost an amazing warrior.

  17. Ed Goard11:25 AM

    Very, very sad news. I served with RJ back in 83-86, and he was in my wedding in 94. One of the most loyal friends a man could ask for. A true Marine and a Hero through and through.

  18. Anonymous6:00 PM

    RJ Cottle was a young Police officer when we worked in Southeast Division(Watts) then Metropolitan Division. During all this time he was a hard charging Marine, who loved the Corps. Cottle will live in the LAPD and USMC History... Semper Fidelis Brother.

  19. James6:07 PM

    R.J. You will be deeply missed,just an Outstanding Man,Officer,Team Leader who lead by example, I'm honored to have worked with you in SWAT! James

  20. Anonymous9:35 PM

    A life not lost in vain, thank you Sgt Cottle for protecting this country. Your family are in our prayers.

  21. Anonymous2:19 AM

    It was an honor to have served with you SGT. Major Cottle CPL Lopez USMC

  22. Anonymous2:25 AM

    It was an honor to have served with you SGT. Maj. Cottle I will never forget the leadership you thought me. CPL Lopez.

  23. Anonymous2:40 AM

    RJ Cottle was the epitome of a true modern day warrior. He excelled and acheived as a part of the Reconnaissance community with the Marine Corps and was a member of the finest and most elite police swat team in the world. He fought the "Good Fight" every day of his professional life and those who got to know him and work with him are better for it.

    Rest in Peace Brother. You did well.

  24. Bill Gittins11:22 AM

    I did not know RJ Cottle. However, I may have known his father, or maybe an Uncle. I was born in Whittier, CA and for a while lived on Mikinda Court. One of my friends was a David Cottle. Could my friend be related to RJ? If so, and if David or another relative would care to, please contact me by email to

    My heart goes out to RJ's famly and to all of his fellow Marines and other soldiers and sailors who everyday put their life on the line for the rest of us.

  25. Anonymous6:24 AM

    Sergeant Major Cottle is a hero and an inspiration to all Marines and civilians alike. He inspired my entire Company of Marines with a few words. He has my sincerest respect. It was an honor to know this fine Marine and fine American. Rest in peace Sergeant Major!

  26. Anonymous1:10 PM

    Thank you Marine! My family, my friends and my co-workers thank you and the rest of the most awesome military force in the world. We live in the greatest country in the world because of the sacrifices you have made. This will NEVER be forgotten by true Americans. Rest in Peace.
    "What you do in life echoes in eternity" God Bless America!!!

  27. SSgt Scott R. Beebe12:03 PM


    You were an awesome warrior, leader, and an outstanding United States Marine. I will always remember that you showed up at my MCWIS grad! God bless your family, friends, and fellow Marines! Semper Fi!


    SSgt Beebe, Scott R.
    Senior Drill Instructor Parris Island, SC 3rd RTBN K. Co.

  28. I served in 4th LAR under Sgt Maj. Coddle and I can remember his humorous and easy going attitude. He was a very funny person and when he came to talk to you, you knew you were standing in front of a world class warrior. I am thankful to have the privilege to say that I was one of his Marines. God bless you and your family. Guard the streets of heaven for us.

    Cpl. Luis Lopez
    4th LAR A Co/ 3d ANGLICO

  29. Chris Merrylees4:39 PM

    Semper Fidelis Sergeant Major Cottle! I too served with you in 3rd ANGLICO. I remember you and will not forget you!

    Chris Merrylees

  30. Sgt Manny Austin3:39 AM

    I served with SgtMaj Cottle at 3rd ANGLICO as well. Although we had our differences, I always admired, respected, and looked up to him. I am deeply saddened today by this news. Semper Fi, SgtMaj. Cottle, I will never forget you.

  31. Peerawut Kamlang-ek3:45 AM

    To Sergeant Major family and friends:

    I served under and spoke to Sergeant Major briefly during my time with ATBN/4th Force in Hawaii but his reputation, strong character, and love for the Marine Corps makes him easily remembered.

    Rest in Peace Sergeant Major.

    Semper Fidelis,

    Corporal Kamlangek

  32. Semper Fi Marine