Thursday, March 11, 2010

Rick Leventhal-Fox News with First LAR

Seven years ago, Operation Iraqi Freedom, Leventhal embedded with LAR War Pig units on the run for Baghdad. I never missed a single broadcast. It was a surreal experience. Everyday rushing to work, my heart and mind thousands of miles away, rushing home at night to hunker down in front of the TV to watch what the DVD recorder had captured of that day's war advance. I even caught a glimpse of my son, once, when the War Pigs paused to refuel. B4LAR stopped advancing to Baghdad at this stadium. The name now escapes me. Rick Leventhal continued on to Baghdad with a grunt line company and in one of his first televised broadcasts walking the streets of Baghdad, I recall, he said he felt naked without a War Pig. HEH. Armor will do that to you. Today Rick is at the Live Fire Range at 29 stumps. I could not get the video to lock on so I copied the link. We WIN. The Bastards Lose.

exclusive: Marines Live Fire Training « Liveshots

By Rick Leventhal| Liveshots

to a combat zone gets 30 days of live fire training at 29 Palms Air Ground Combat Center in the California desert, roughly ..... conditions in the middle east. At 932 square miles, 29 Palms is the largest live-fire training base in the world

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