Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Rick Centanni Memorial Fund Website for scholarship donations Up

Orange County Register:

The Santa Ana Police Department has set up an account and Web site for donations
in Centanni's memory, at
They hope to use the money to set up a scholarship at Esperanza High School in
Centanni's name and have a plaque for him installed at the Yorba Linda Veterans
Santa Ana Police Chief Paul M. Walters said there likely would be a
full departmental turnout for a memorial for Centanni.
"When something like this happens, everybody hurts," Walters said.

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  1. There was a turn out to this young mans funeral mass unlike any I have ever experienced. I was moved by the full support of the Santa Ana Police Department as well as the LAPD, and the various department that showed up to honor LCpl Centanni. The loss has been deeply felt by the community and the young people here in Southern California.